Product Care

True Middle proudly uses 925 silver & authentic, high grade pearls. Take care of your piece to protect the longevity of these materials. Store your piece laying down, away from other jewellery which may contain other metals that can impact the silver. Ideally, keep your piece in a small jewellery safe pouch anytime you are not wearing it. Regular gentle polishing will greatly improve your piece. Do not allow silver cleaners to touch the pearls on your piece. 

Silver care: 

The toggle, also known as the closure that secures your piece, is made of 925 silver. This high grade material requires care to maintain shine. Don't expose your piece to chemicals like soap, sunscreen or body lotion & dry the piece with a soft microfibre cloth if it gets wet. Regularly polishing your piece gently to remove any sweat or debris will greatly improve the longevity of your piece. Remove your piece to shower, swim and before physical activity. Just like your grandparents silver teapot collection, there are many ways to care for high quality silver. When using at home silver cleaning methods or polishes, ensure it is safe for 925 silver.

Pearl care: 

Similar to caring for silver, pearls don't like exposure to chemicals & water. To maintain shine, a small drop of olive oil on a jewellery safe cloth can polish out natural dullness from wear. Do not expose pearls to harsh sunlight or any chemicals used for polishing silver. Do not use abrasive objects to clean your pearls.


Many of our pieces contain handmade lamp work beads and pendants. These delicate, handmade materials should be treated with care. Similar to anything made of glass, avoid dropping the piece.